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Nouvelle review imagée pour le nouvel an. Tahu. Pas Tahu Or, Tahu normal: Venez voir:

Didn't see a review for him anywhere, so I decided to make one.

The Canister-
[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST001-1

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST002-1

There's something about the Stars canisters that I really like. It's probably the simplicity of it, along with how small it is. It's simple, and it works.


Upon opening the canister, I was surprised to see an instruction booklet instead of a fold out poster. Excellent!

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST003-1

I was wondering how they would fit such a simple build into a booklet. There's only about 1 step per page.

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST004-1

New molds include the Haus, armor, and feet.

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST005-1

The Hau looks great! Unfortunately, it was made to fit the atrocious 08 Matoran head. Due to this, it doesn't fit on the Mata head, and will only connect with the Metru head about half-way. The new armor pieces also look great. I can see many uses for these. The feet are some of the best we've ever gotten, in my opinion. They allow for a socket piece to connect to the back (Thank you!), and have a plus rod slot on the bottom.

The Finished Product-

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST007-1

Tahu looks great when assembled. The armor adds a bit of bulk to him, but not excessively. The fire sword is a two-toned Ackar flame piece. Great! However, the fact that there's no handle may bug you, as it looks like he's holding a giant flame, and not a sword. I think the designers knew this, so they added a nuva armor piece to act as a handle. It looks out of place, but it isn't a very big deal, as it can be removed. One more thing- this isn't a problem with the set, but it's something that once again, may bug you. There are only two colors (aside from the head and Nuva armor) on Tahu, being red and orange. These two colors work great together, but depending on your opinion, it could use some black to balance out the onslaught of red and orange.

Without the extra armor-

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST017-1

The fire sword-

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST012-1

A shot of the Hau-

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST011-1

Nothing you haven't seen before.

Shot of Tahu with the golden Hau-

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST015-1

This is going to look great once I get the other five!

Probably my only compliant with the entire set would be the inclusion of the 08 head. Not only does the face sculpt look atrocious, the head sticks out too far, so it is not aligned with the rest of his body. From the front it's not a problem, but from the side...

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST016-1-1


Tahu has nine points of articulation, the standard for small sets. The head is slightly limited, but the arms can get into a lot of cool poses due to them being pre-bent.

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST014-1-1

[Blog] Review imagée de Tahu ST013-1

Overall, I am very happy with Tahu. He makes for a good "action figure", looks good, and has many useful pieces. However, if you don't like the simple build, then I would say pass.


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magnifique ! que dire de plus! le hau doré : magnifique
le hau : magnifique
les autre armures : magnifique
Tu kiff Tahi ?
il est trop bien ! il a des bonne armure , un masque bon , et ... la possibiliter de le custom en or !
T'as d'autres Tahu ?
j'ai que les nuva ! (c'est a dire le 2003 et le 2008) , j'ai pas le star
Tu l'aura wink
ça c'est clair ! j'aurais tout les stars !
Bonne reviews! Magnifique^^
Je suis heureux que mon blog plaise, avec mes futures reviews, sa va y'aller.

Blog aux plus de messages, yeah !
À part ces nouvelles pièces et ces Haus, je trouve qu'il n'offre rien de spécial.
Il est cool, (le Hau va pouvoir remplacé celui que j'ai cassé...)
C'est pour moi sans conteste le meilleur Stars.
Eh oui, c'est la star des stars!

(lol je fais de l'humour^^)
(Du flood aussi)

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