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Pareil que Nektann, pour Skrall

Where to begin with this one. I heard a lot of bad things about this particular figure from the unpleasable Bionicle fan base. However, I am easily pleased and easy going on Lego sets and other things I collect. So, I decided to get Stars Skrall.


[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon069-1

...Yeah. It's a canister. (honestly, I find this part of the review pointless) Look at it. Look at it as if staring at the leaked pictures of the canister just weren't enough.

New Molds & Recolored pieces-

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon070-1-1

There's not many new parts on Skrall. There's the Nuva armor, which could count as a new piece, since the new shade of gold is different. You get two of the new feet in black, and a black Kopaka sword. However, I didn't buy the set for the parts, so lets move on.

The Complete Set-

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon071-1

Skrall looks badass (although, maybe not in that picture). They really got the hunchback design well, and the shoulder blades are pretty nice. Everyone loves the black Kopaka blade. Although a shield would have been nice, I can forgive that. He looks a lot more buff in hand than in pictures.

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon072-1

Not much to say here. He does have the unused ball joint on his back, but it really doesn't bother me that much. Besides, it should be pretty easy to remove with some pliers and sand paper (I have done work like that before).

Skrall has some good articulation. He is slightly hindered in the shoulders due to the blades, but for most practical poses, there isn't much restriction.

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon073-1

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon074-1

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon077-1
(Yeah, that's a pretty badass pose)


Skrall is a decent figure in general, but a great figure in my eyes. He looks much better when you have him in hand than he does in pictures. While I'm sure most of the ratings for this one will be below average and poor, that isn't going to ruin my enjoyment of the figure. Recommended for those who are easily pleased.

[Blog] Review imagée de Skrall Jon076-1


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Bonne review et bonne année!
moi je l'est skrall (cher moi ) et son épée de kopaka est super
Il fait la taille de quels bionicle un peu près ?
The ice master
Bah la taille de Tanma, et des autres matorans de Karda-nui.
Ok, Solek ? Quuoi Youpi !
je l'aime pas , c'est une girafe ! il a un 2eme coup pas bien placer !
Oué, je sais pas ce qui fout la ...
Mata Nui
J'ai trouvé ^^ Il est vraiment pas beau, très mal fait, c'est le pire de tout les BIONICLE qui existe ^^
Hmm, le pire ? Hmm, je réflechis.
@Ikaru a écrit:je l'aime pas , c'est une girafe ! il a un 2eme coup pas bien placer !

C'est vrai, ça fait mieux sur le rackshi....
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